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The World’s First Truly SMART Bed!


Experience The Power Of ReST™

An amazing new sleep surface

With a patented pressure sensing technology

And a support system that automatically adjusts to your body's unique pressure points

Delivering high performance sleep

For a higher performance life

Adaptive Sleep Thinking™

Get Excited!


The future of sleep is here! Take a look at the reactions of people who tried the most advanced bed on the planet.

The ReST Bed™ Experience

The only bed that automatically responds to your body’s unique pressure points… all night long!

To find out what exactly happens when you sleep and how ReST Bed™ works throughout the night to adapt to your needs – visit our Responsive Sleep page!


The ReST Bed™ incorporates patented Adaptive Sleep Thinking™ technology along with a smart surface fabric that senses changes in pressure…and then dynamically responds to your body in real-time to relieve pressure.

When you wake up, the ReSTdash™ app empowers you with data that helps you understand and improve your sleep, so you can achieve peak performance every day.

No other mattress in the world can do this!

Pressure Sensing Surface

The patented pressure sensing surface fabric reads nearly 2,000 body pressure points on each side of the bed. The multi-chambered, anatomically zoned air support system responds in real time to reduce pressure throughout the night, allowing you to sleep soundly and wake totally refreshed.

Learn About The Technology Behind The World's First Smart Bed

How does the ReST Bed™ compare?

ReST™ didn’t set out to create a bed for everyone – just for those who refuse to compromise and want only the best when it comes to sleep comfort. So, how does the ReST Bed™ compare to other premium brands?

Let's take a look at the comparison chart.

Sleep better – perform better – with ReST™

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We believe the only way you can find your perfect mattress is by sleeping on it.

Our 90 Night Sleep Discovery gives you the option to find your perfect comfort by adjusting the bed to your needs, not the other way around.

And since we believe you shouldn’t have to “replace after 8”, we only sell beds that have a modular design and replaceable comfort layers, saving you $$$ and preventing needless mattress waste.

After 90 Nights, if you are not happy with our mattress and sleeping better than ever, feel free to contact us for a full refund.*

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