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Absolute Comfort

At your fingertips, night or day, for any activity.

Award Winning Adjustable Power Bases By Reverie®

Your bed base or foundation is just as important as the mattress on it. Adjustable power bases can turn your bed into an ultra comfortable and supportive surface for a variety of activities.

Reading, watching TV, getting a bit of work done on your laptop or tablet, or just taking a quick rest in your favorite position; all are more comfortable and enjoyable with an adjustable base.

The 7T

Raise your head and feet into the resting position of your choice. Features deck-on-deck WallSnuggler™ design, ProGrip technology, LED nightlight, 3D Wavelength technology for a better massage, and 2-way Bluetooth technology. The 7T is a 2012 to 2015 Women’s Choice award winner.

The 8T

Adjust your head, feet, lumbar section into the perfect position and try massage with 3D Wavelength™ technology using an intuitive OLED remote. Advanced electronics provide unprecedented functionality. Features removable side rails, zero clearance, ProGrip technology, LED nightlight and 2-way Bluetooth technology.

The 9T

The crown jewel of our adjustable power base lineup. It offers stunning aesthetics with our most advanced technology. Features include lumbar support, WallSnuggler™ design, massage with 3D Wavelength technology, ProGrip technology , removable side rails, zero clearance, LED nightlight, and 2-way Bluetooth technology.