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The Ultimate Customizable Comfort

For A Lifetime Of Great Sleep

DreamCells™ - Changing The Way You Sleep

Sleep Better Tonight - Live Better Tomorrow

Amazing Sleep Customized For Life

The Reverie® Dream Supreme™ is a “modular” mattress that gives you the ability to adjust internal components (DreamCells™) for multiple firmness options for each side, after your get it home. No more shopping around or mattress testing required. With the Dream Supreme™ Sleep System, everyone can have a bed with the perfect level of comfort and support, just for them!



Life Changes: So Should Your Mattress

You’ve finally met that perfect someone and now you’re starting a life together. A new mattress will probably be one of your first furniture purchases. Don’t let a “comfort compromise” ruin your happily ever after!

When you are expecting, your body changes and your sleep support and comfort needs will too!  Doctors say getting good sleep is one of the most important things for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. A mattress that may have been great before you were pregnant may keep you tossing and turning at night as your body changes occur.

Your sleep needs don’t change as you grow older, but your ability to get enough sleep does. Hormonal changes, health conditions and lifestyle changes all make it even more difficult. Don’t let sleeping on the wrong mattress stand in the way of your health and quality of life.

DreamCells™ – Find Your Just Right – Every Night

Reverie’s® patented DreamCells™ are your keys to total comfort adjustment. Each side of your Dream Supreme™ mattress will come pre-configured with a complete set of DreamCells™ based on your initial comfort preference (Soft – Medium – Firm) .

After sleeping on it a while, it’s easy to zip it open and shift the cells around to create the perfect level of comfort and support for your needs.

Sleep Better Tonight – Live Better Tomorrow

At Elements of Rest, we believe that you deserve the ability to adjust your mattress for individual comfort. We believe no one should ever have to make a “comfort compromise”. We believe your mattress should have replaceable parts, saving you money and reducing waste. And we believe you should be able to do all of this without ever having to leave home and go to a mattress store.

Got Questions? Let’s Talk!

Shoot us a note to set up a 10 minute Phone Tour. Our Rest Advisers are here to answer all your questions. Quick and easy, no hassle, no pressure. We promise!



For A Lifetime Of Great Sleep

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Click here for 90 Night Comfort Discovery Guarantee

We believe the only way you can find your perfect mattress is by sleeping on it.

Our 90 Night Sleep Discovery gives you the option to find your perfect comfort by adjusting the bed to your needs, not the other way around.

And since we believe you shouldn’t have to “replace after 8”, we only sell beds that have a modular design and replaceable comfort layers, saving you $$$ and preventing needless mattress waste.

After 90 Nights, if you are not happy with our mattress and sleeping better than ever, feel free to contact us for a full refund.*

For a lifetime of comfort, schedule a call with one of our Rest Advisors today!