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Introducing The Instant Comfort™ Q6 Mattress

Want Better Sleep? Get Instant Comfort™!

The Q6 includes a 3 piece cotton pillow-top cover with a layer of visco elastic foam above a 2″ layer of convoluted foam. It also includes a base layer of support foam under the air chambers, and all Instant Comfort mattresses come standard with a state-of-the-art control system. The adjustable dual-sided-system allows for both sides of your mattress to be set to the perfect firmness and comfort level through touch screen controllers on both sides of the bed. The pillow-top covers are completely removable and can be laundered to ensure years of clean, comfortable sleep.    

50 Levels Of Comfort - At Your Fingertips!

The Q6 comes with its own state of the art pump and control system. This is what allows you to enjoy all 50 levels of comfort with every bed. One pump supplies the pressure for both sides of the mattress and the firmness for each side can be adjusted using the two separate touch screen remotes. The remotes have two memory settings and allow you to adjust from 0-50 as you desire. Not only does your Instant Comfort™ control system include the wired controls, it also comes Bluetooth equipped so that you can control the firmness of your bed directly from your iOS or Android device.    

What's Inside The Instant Comfort™ Q6?

Q6 Layers

  • 2″ – Duvet Style Reversible Cotton Pillow Top
  • Fire Barrier
  • Duvet Style Reversible Cotton Pillow Top (Bottom)
  • Visco Elastic Foam
  • 3″ – Convoluted Evolution Foam
  • Center Panel
  • 5 1/2″ – Vulcanized Rubber Air Chambers
  • 1″ – Support Foam
  • 6 1/2″ x 3.5″ Wrapped Foam Head, Foot, & Side Rails
  • Bottom Cover

Total Height: 12 Inches

We Measure Pressure The Same Way Doctors Do

How should firmness be measured?

 Some mattress manufacturers use hidden decimal points, while other use invented scales. At Instant Comfort™, we measure like the doctors do.  We measure the firmness of our mattresses in mm/Hg (millimeters mercury), the same pressure scale that doctors use when taking blood pressure. 
The Instant Comfort™ Q6 will allow you to adjust from 0-50, but it is important to note that the human body typically maintains an internal pressure of about 32 mm/Hg, so sleeping at a firmness that exceeds 32 could lead to decreased circulation which would in turn create pressure points and lower your overall quality of sleep.  
Note: Our mattresses do not contain mercury.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about how the Instant Comfort™ Q6 mattress will work for you, we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

Just call us at 678-956-7950 or email us at info@elementsofrest.com to set up a time to talk with a Rest Adviser!

For A Lifetime Of Great Sleep

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