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Personalized Sleep™

A completely new category of sleep products.

Sleep is a very personal activity and "one size" does not fit all. You deserve a bed that meets your own, highly personalized, needs.

Traditional mattresses don’t fully adapt to your body during sleep. As you move, they force you into uncomfortable, even unhealthy positions.

At Elements of Rest, we only sell mattresses with Personalized Sleep™ capabilities including firmness and sleep position adjustment.

What really happens while we sleep?

“Sleep is a dynamic state, not static. Other (traditional mattresses) don’t change as you change during the night.”

~ Dr. Peter Salgo, Professor of Medicine, Columbia University and host of the nationally syndicated PBS show, Second Opinion

Unfortunately, we don’t actually sleep like a log. During the night as we move through the stages of sleep, our bodies move and adjust position in order to relieve excess pressure which cuts off circulation and interrupts our sleep. The more interruptions we have (restless sleep), the lower quality of sleep we get.

Traditional mattresses do nothing to respond to this problem. All of the mattresses we feature give you the ability to adjust for both firmness preference and sleep position.


How do our beds address Personalized Sleep™ needs?

  1. Firmness Adjustment

All of our beds give you the ability to adjust the firmness to your own unique preference. Some allow it via zippered access to internal components, some by remote control, and believe it or not, some even adjust by themselves, automatically while you sleep!

2. Sleep Position Adjustment

Our beds all work with an adjustable base, allowing you optimal comfort and support for any sleep position or bedroom activity. Combining these two factors together will give you the most incredible sleep experience possible.



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